Threats against US officials continue with latest target being New York judge appointed by Trump

A recent threat directed towards the judge presiding over Donald Trump’s civil fraud trial in New York has added to the growing concern within the U.S. Justice Department. This incident is just one in a series of troubling events targeting prominent officials in the United States. Justice Arthur Engoron, who has often been the subject … Read more

Tesla catches fire in Lindenhurst, according to authorities

In Lindenhurst, a Tesla vehicle burst into flames during the early hours of Thursday, according to officials. The incident took place at Surfside Marina on South Wellwood Avenue, right around midnight. The fire was extinguished by firefighters, leaving behind only the car’s frame. video: The fire caused damage to a nearby building, melting its … Read more

Rand Paul hints at upcoming announcement for 2024 presidential election

oceancountypost – Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul has hinted at making an election announcement before the Iowa caucuses. Speculation is rife that he may reveal his endorsement of one of the presidential candidates. “I’ve been avoiding getting involved in the Republican Presidential Primary up until now, but I’ve reached a point where I can no … Read more

Severe Thunderstorms Forecasted to Move Across the Deep South on January 12th

Severe thunderstorms are expected across the Southeast, particularly in Mississippi and northwestern Alabama. However, these storms will quickly diminish due to the lack of instability and buoyancy. While there is a possibility of isolated hail, damaging straight-line winds, and maybe even an isolated tornado due to the veering with height, the limited buoyancy prevents a … Read more

Mississippi chooses not to participate in federal summer food program, Governor Reeves cites opposition to expanding the ‘welfare state’

According to Gov. Tate Reeves’ office, Mississippi will not be taking part in a federal summer food program for children. This decision is fueled by the governor’s intention to oppose any efforts aimed at expanding the welfare state. Officials at the state’s welfare agency, which is overseen by Reeves, provided a different explanation for their … Read more

Manufacturers express concerns over Biden’s energy policies before Iowa caucuses: Increased costs for consumers anticipated

oceancountypost – FOX Business reporter, Grady Trimble, recently interviewed manufacturers in Iowa to discuss their economic concerns ahead of the state’s caucuses, which are just a week away. With the Iowa caucuses looming just around the corner, manufacturers are expressing their apprehension regarding the prospect of four more years under President Biden’s leadership. In a … Read more