We Are Hiring

Do you have a passion for journalism? Are you a journalism student, an independent journalist, or just someone who likes to write as a hobby?

The Ocean County Post is looking for volunteers to join our startup news publication that serves Ocean County on a volunteer basis.

What you get:

  • A platform to write about news, sports, lifestyle, and community events going on in Ocean County under your own byline.
  • Exposure to thousands of readers on social media and various news aggregator platforms.
  • A chance to be a part of a growing news publication that is dedicated to providing accurate news for Ocean County with bias.
  • The ability to write whenever you want, about whatever you want (as long as it has an Ocean County connection).
  • An opportunity to expand your portfolio to show to future employer.

The Ocean County Post is a growing news publication that first went online in November. Since then, we have amassed thousands of visitors to our website and social media pages. One day, in the future, if this publication takes off, we will consider volunteers for permanent paid positions.


  • A general understanding of Associated Press Stylebook.
  • An enthusiastic person who is ready and willing to produce at least one piece of content per week.
  • A person who is committed to getting breaking news published in a timely manner, but doesn’t sacrifice accuracy.
  • A person who can produce an article with at least 200 words from a press release.
  • A person who can take constructive criticism about their work.

We are looking for a person who is willing to work with a startup publication to help it grow.

How to apply: Kindly send your resume with work sample to us.

Work Location: Anywhere you like

Type: Part time Lets mix up your passion with imagination and weave the magic with words.