Stafford Police Team Up With NFL Superstars To Help Young Girl

STAFFORD — If you are having a rough day, this will certainly cheer you up: an Ocean County police department stopping by a child’s lemonade stand and bringing a superstar. 

The Stafford Township Police Department stopped by a lemonade stand and met a young girl named Cecily. How is Cecily spending her weekend? She is running a lemonade stand and raising money for a charity. 

Cecily was working in the hot summer sun raising money for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia or more commonly known as “CHOP”. When the Stafford Township Police Department caught wind of this, they decided to help her out and bring a football superstar. 

Along with the officers, Miami Dolphins Tight End Mike Gesicki and Cincinnati Bengals Long Snapper Clark Harris stopped by to make a donation and have some lemonade. Cecily put her stand in overdrive and raised over $950 to donate to the charity. 

The football players are seen talking and playing with other children on a local football field as well as signing autographs. 

CHOP is the nations first hospital exclusively devoted to the care of children, “CHOP has been the birthplace for countless breakthroughs and dramatic first in pediatric medicine,” The hospital’s website says. 

While CHOP is based in Philadelphia, they serve families from all over, “Today, families facing complex conditions come to CHOP from all over the world,” the hospital’s website added. 

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