The Ocean of Love Billboard Radiothon Switches Radio Stations; Gets Former DJ’s Blessing: VIDEO

TOMS RIVER — A former radio disc jockey that helped boost a local charity has teamed up with another station after he was fired from the flagship station last year during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to multiple reports.

Andy Chase, the former afternoon radio personality on 105.7 The Hawk, is known for sleeping high atop a billboard for five days every October to raise money for Ocean of Love, a local charity that raises money for children with cancer.

Chase was fired from 105.7 The Hawk’s parent company Townsquare Media in 2020 and all eyes were on the integral charity event.

Chase appeared in a video posted to social media that explained the situation, “obviously i’m not with the the company I was with — the radio station I was with…” Chase said standing behind the Ocean of Love logo.

“I’m still very close with Ocean of Love and obviously the radiothon is a huge fundraiser for Ocean of Love…it’s so important because it lets — Ocean of Love do what they do to take care their families,” Chase added.

Chase mentioned that he has been in contact with Ocean of Love’s leadership since his departure from his previous company and they mulled doing the event without a radio station, “we’ve been talking about how we can make the radiation happen… do we need a radio station… how can we do it…it needs to happen,” Chase said.

Chase then announced that Ocean of Love had a new media sponsor, 95.9 The Rat, as he walked over to a bright yellow truck displaying their logo, “I’m so excited about this,” Chase said.

Chase walked over to Gotts, a radio personality and community coordinator at Beasley Media’s 95.9 The Rat and explained that he will be the one sleeping on the billboard raising money for Ocean of Love, “He’s got a heart of gold,” Chase said.

The Ocean of Love Billboard Radiothon has been a staple charity event in Ocean County for over a decade with a goal of $105,700 a moniker of the previous station’s frequency. Now, the new goal will be $109,590 or $109,059 in relation to 95.9 The Rat’s frequency.

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