Asbury Man Held Knife To Man’s Neck For His Car In Toms River

An Ocean County man was the victim to a violent car-jacking in Toms River on Tuesday, December 1st, according to a statement by the Toms River Police Department.

The victim told police that he was selling his 2003 Honda Civic and had met with the two alleged perpetrators after they told him that they were interested in buying the vehicle.

The victim and two suspects took the vehicle for a test drive and after they both drove the vehicle, they stopped at the intersection of Weston and Ashford Road.

Saheru El, 23, formerly of Asbury Park, was sitting in the rear passenger seat when he took out a knife and held it to the victim’s neck and repeatedly said “we’re taking this, we’re taking this”.

The unidentified victim was able to get out of El’s grasp and run for safety to call police.

Tonia Underwood, 18, of Toms River was also test driving the car and is accused of being apart of the attempted jacking.

El was found to be in possession of multiple knives at the time of his arrest.

El was charged with First Degree Car- Jacking and Underwood was charged with First Degree Conspiracy to Commit Car-Jacking.



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