Ocean County Reacts To Local Radio DJs Being Fired

Listeners to traditional terrestrial radio are stunned at the news of four prominent radio personalities being fired right before the holidays and amid a pandemic. 

AllAccess.com, which covers nationwide radio and music news, was the first to post about the firings. 

Townsquare Media is one of the largest local radio, digital, marketing, and live events companies in the United States and operates over 321 radio stations in 67 small to medium markets. 

Notably, in Ocean County, the company operates Adult Contemporary 92.7 WOBM, Classic Rock 105.7 The Hawk, and Hot Adult Contemporary 94.3 The Point. 

The Ocean County Scanner News posted an article on their social media pages that garnered hundreds of angry reactions, comments, and shares. 

Commenters voiced their dismay for the decision, “Maybe owners of companies should start cutting their own pay and keep employees, especially if they’re good employees instead of putting people out of work,” a commenter said.

According to multiple reports, the following personalities have let go: 

  • Liz Jeressi of Lou & Liz In The Morning on 94.3 The Point. 
  • Andy Chase, Afternoons on 105.7 The Hawk. 
  • Chris Varacchi, Middays on 105.7 The Hawk.
  • Justin Louis, Afternoons on 92.7 WOBM. 

“No more Hawk for me…” another commenter said while agreeing with a poster who said they are going to buy satellite radio. 

Chase, who hosted the afternoon show on 105.7 The Hawk, also was notable in the community for his philanthropy. The Oceans of Love Billboard Radiothon is an event that draws thousands to the Target-Lowes shopping plaza to raise money for children with cancer. Chase would sleep on a billboard for four days until they raised $105,700 for the charity. 

“Some thanks Andy Chase gets for his philanthropy over the years, going on top of the billboard for the fundraiser every year,” one commenter said. 

Townsquare Media has yet to put out a statement about the firings, but one thing is for sure: local radio in Ocean County will never be the same.


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