Coyote Sightings on Long Beach Island

The Long Beach Township Police Department is warning the public of possible coyote sightings, according to an alert on

The department says that there have been multiple sightings of the aggressive animal on Long Beach Island, “due to recent coyote sightings island wide (sic) secure all trash and do not leave food out,” the post said shortly before advising residents to keep an eye on their pets at all times. 

Residents that come in contact with Coyotes should not approach and contact animal control immediately, police say. 

Coyotes are close ancestors to a species of canine related to the eastern wolf and red wolf. Coyotes can run as fast as 43 miles per hour when they are in pursuit if prey, according to National Geographic.

Residents commented on the alert issued by the department describing their sightings, “I saw one in Ship Bottom on the dunes last Tuesday,” a commenter named Robert said while another commenter described seeing possible remains of an animal eaten by a Coyote on Brant Beach. 

Screenshot of Long Beach Township Police Department (Nixle)

A previous version of this article eluded that the coyotes are aggressive. The headline has been updated.


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